Why am I writing this blog

Posted: 09 April 2021

I don’t think I want to write this blog. Writing isn’t something I feel comfortable with. The mere thought of having to write well enough to get through to someone fills me with stress and anxiety. Why am I writing this blog!

You, reader of the dreaded blog, have definitely been in my position before. Whether it be holding that door open for someone despite having your own hands full. Or meeting up with that friend you’ve been re-scheduling with for months. We all inconvenience ourselves each day for the good of others. In a day and age where we stress the importance of giving, we forget to give back to ourselves. No matter how small our anxieties may look to others, it’s important that we allow ourselves time to think on them. It’s so easy to be swallowed up in a whirlwind of demands and deadlines.

What comes easy to some people will never come naturally to others. It’s time we stop harbouring guilt for prioritising our own mental health, and reach out for help when we are struggling. We are each the main characters of our own blogs. There is no shame in self-care! After-all, we are most helpful to others when we have our own stresses and emotions under control. Unfortunately, in life, sometimes we have to do things that cause us anxiety. It’s not always as simple as rejecting all things stress inducing. Working through our problems is empowering! Every time you overcome something you didn’t believe you could, capture that achievement and keep it for reassurance when the next challenge is presented to you.

As a counsellor my job is not to reveal all the answers. I simply listen without judgement and allow you to articulate your thoughts and feelings freely. So, why am I writing this blog?

I write it to better my business, to show my vulnerabilities, (and partly because I’ve been recommended to do so). Now is this where I say I powered through the struggle? Where I found a sudden and unexpected flair for writing? No it is not, because writing is something that fills me with stress and anxiety. I accepted my strengths lay elsewhere and asked for help.

I write this with a smile on my face as the first chapter from the dreaded blog is complete. Turns out that wasn’t so bad and asking for help was a good call!

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